ROBbest binary options robot is the option bot!

The worlds most accurate binary options robot for currency pairs. In the video above you would have already seen the true power of Optionbot, by making $1622 profit in just 45 minutes.

So what is OptionBot and what can it mean for you?

OptionBot took over a year to develop, and provides you, the user with accurate real time financial data feeds so that you can make more winning trades on a regular basis.

OptionBot looks for significant upward and downward trends, and then alerts the user as to when this occurs. Allowing the user to then place an “informed” trade which is statistically more likely to win.

Unlike other “FX Robots” OptionBot works on Binary Options platforms, which allows you to use it to place trades that expire in 1 minute to 1 hour. Meaning that you can realise your returns much quicker than with regular forex trading.


Option Bot is so simple to use, that anyone can start making successful trades instantly, and there is no need for any training, and you don’t even need to be good with numbers.

You can use OptionBot in anyway that you think will benefit you, however on this page I will explain a common setting that I use day in day out to bank between $500 and $2000 every hour.

Now you might be thinking that this is a huge amount of money, and you’d be right. When trading across 5 platforms I have consistently profited between $4k and $16k per week.

No other software even comes close to the power of OptionBot and if you follow these 3 simple steps, you too will see just how effective this software is.